Bridget Burns - MLA candidate for vancouver hastings

Meet Bridget

Dedicated to the Community

I consider East Van the heart and soul of Vancouver. I was raised here by my mother. I went to school here, before- and after-school programs here, I started my business here, and I live here now.

East Van is my home. It’s an amazing place with a strong and diverse community, colourful small businesses, parks, playgrounds and so much more. But it’s also homelessness, poverty and ground zero for the opioid epidemic—all issues that don’t seem to be getting any better.

I’m tired of seeing my neighbours suffer. I’m tired of people having to work multiple jobs to pay the rent, debts and student loans, and not being able to find safe, stable and affordable housing. I want to help the BC Greens change the status quo for politics in BC and improve the lives of people in East Van. .

I’m running because this year’s election is the most important of our lifetime and we need Green voices at the table during this critical time.

Why vote green?

Our Commitment

Bridget is a dedicated community organizer, and one of the minds behind Vancouver Vegan Festival and the Vegan Night Market. A passionate campaigner for sustainable food and animal welfare, Bridget recently became a farm worker and has 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Bridget also campaigns for the protection of women in her community, using her events to fundraise for groups supporting vulnerable Vancouver women.

Bridget joined the Greens because she wants to change the status quo for politics. She began by volunteering with the Green Party of Vancouver on the 2018 Municipal Election campaign. The following year she ran to represent the Federal Greens in East Vancouver and won 14% of the votes in her riding, the highest in the city.

Bridget knows Greens are the only party with a bold and uncompromising plan for the climate crisis, the only party that puts people first and the party that will ensure that recovery investments will go towards helping people and the planet.

vancouver hastings MLA candidate Bridget Burns with an elderly lady